ONYA Bulk Food Bags
ONYA Bulk Food Bags
ONYA Bulk Food Bags
ONYA Bulk Food Bags

ONYA Bulk Food Bags

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Description: The ONYA Reusable Bulk Food Bags make an easy and convenient alternative for taking jars and containers to your local bulk food store.

Our beautiful vintage style Reusable Bulk Food Bags have been designed to provide a convenient alternative for taking jars and containers to your local bulk food store.

They are also super handy to use when you would like to top up half filled containers at home. This means you no longer need to stock up on extra jars and containers on top of your current ones to use as “top up” containers, as all our bulk food bags give you a light and compact way to top up as you need.

We love diverting existing waste from landfill which is why our bulk food bags are made from BPA free, food safe recycled plastic drink bottles.

Each one of our bulk food bag features the tare weight of the bag in both grams and ounces and they also have a clear window made of non-toxic, BPA & chlorine free PEVA. This window allows you to not only easily see what is inside your bag, but you can also write in that window the product, as well as any unique codes you may need when checking out. 

Size: Small Bag Dimensions: 10.6in long x 4.3 in wide with 2.5in gusset

Medium Bag Dimensions: 13.7in long x 5.9in wide with 3.3in gusset

Large Bag Dimensions: 15.7in long x 8.2in wide with 4.1in gusset

Material: Made from up to 4 BPA Free food safe 100% recycled plastic drink bottles.

100% Recyclable and Sustainable

100% Vegan Friendly 

Clear window made of non-toxic, BPA and chlorine free PEVA allows you to see what is inside and to write product name/codes. We recommend a coloured wax pencil or whiteboard marker only as permanent market can be very difficult to remove.

Care Instructions: 

Please note: The goal for our reusable bulk bags is to be able help people easily and conveniently transport their bulk food purchases home. The bags have been designed as a lightweight top up tool to replace the need for carrying jars and canisters when doing your shopping, and when you bring them home you should empty the contents into your storage jars and containers.

Although made from recycled plastic drink bottles and technically plastic, the rPET material that makes our bags is woven in nature not solid state plastic like a single use plastic bag which is non-permeable for air and water.

Because of the woven nature of the fabric, a solid state plastic bag will definitely prevent air from reaching the bulk food products better than our bulk bags will when storing your bulk food products. Things like pasta hold well in them, but things that rely on freshness are better stored in an airtight container.

Our bulk bags are definitely at their best when used to carry home your bulk food dry goods and transfer the contents into your bulk food storage jars and containers to ensure freshness.

12 month Manufacturer's Warranty